Thursday, August 30, 2018


I haven't had a giveaway in awhile so I thought this would be the perfect time to bundle up some sweetness and do a give away as a thank you to followers who so awesomely keep me inspired to do what I love.

If you would like the opportunity to win 5 of my large Aroma Tea Bags as featured in the July/August issue of Somerset Studio magazine, a cello bag of my pressed flowers and herbs, and 10 of my Artist Trading Coins that I just created, then it's easy peasy. Just follow my blog and leave a comment on this post.  For more entries, see my post on Instagram. 

One name will be chosen at random on Labor Day and I will post the winner here and on Instagram.
Inspire, create, and make the world a better place!

Sunday, August 26, 2018


I've been spotting these little coins pop up around various  social media and when Retro Cafe Art Gallery got them in their shop, I knew I had to try my hand at some. They are 2/5 inches in size. You can make your own, there is a good video on YouTube by Crafty Hodges or if you plan to make "a few" like I did (112 to be exact), you can purchase them already punched out on 1/16" acid free chipboard over at Retro Cafe Art Galley and there is a limited edition kit that also comes with stencils the same size as the coins. 
The Artist Trading Coins are meant as little works of art to trade with other artists. I love that idea of a stack of coins with works from different artists. The back side is where you would put your information. I recently had new business cards made and when I saw these coins, I knew immediately  how I was going to incorporate them into my business. So I got to work and ordered a bunch of bases from Retro Cafe Art Gallery, I mean you can't go wrong at 8 for 1.99.
Once I started making them it was addiction and love at first sight.  Once I created all the backs and added the labels, I was ready to move on to the front side.

I designed all the backs first and created a label to add to the center that had my name and my Etsy shop link on it. 

When I am creating a lot of something, I tend to use an assembly line method. This keeps me going and excited to get on to the next level.


 I Starting with backgrounds first on all of them, and then I was left with my favorite part of the project, adding images. Aside from my own arsenal of images, I am always so grateful for the "Creationships" in my life that make these wonderful images for artists to play with. 

After all the images were added, I went back and added outlines, marks and extra paint color where I felt it was needed.
 Last of all, I added gold paint to the edges, I mean what is coin without a little gold on it? For me, personally it gave each coin that finished touch.

Happily, no, I was actually ecstatically happy to have joined in on the fun of making these Art Trading Coins. I plan to include mine with my business card to those who purchase from my Etsy shop. It's like a little extra business card - on a coin.

Additionally, I will send one to anyone who "buys a watermelon" for Tarra (my adopted Ellie) on my blog (top right hand corner). Those donations go to support the Ellies at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Each donation received will get an Artist Coin. Just leave a comment on this blog that you donated and email me your address.
I will also be having a sweet give away in the next day or so on Instagram (and posted here) so keep an eye out for that coming soon with some of the Artist Trading Coins and some of Aroma Tea Bags.

If you haven't tried these coins, they are a total blast to make and a great way to swap information and art with other creatives and friends or they make a great tool for advertising your Etsy shop or business.

Are you counting your coins yet?
Happy Creating,

Some of the images used on my coins were created by these amazing artists:

Coins and images found at:
Retro Cafe Art Gallery- Coins & Images
TumbleFish Studio - Marsha Jorgensen
Crowabout Studio B- Nancy Baumiller
Rae Missigman
Tim Holtz
Dina Wakley
Kelli May Krenz
Paper Whimsy

Friday, August 24, 2018


I really do!! You need to check out the Artist Trading Card Hands with Mark Montano. If you want to hold my hand and other artists from around the globe, then you need to check out Mark Montano's blog and get your hands rolling!
Everyone that knows me, knows that I love color and messy bright gorgeous hands! There is no limit to what you can do. I don't know about you, but I am going to make some hands and leave my imprint. I hope you will join in the swap over at Mark's, I would love to hold your hand!

The images you see in this post are hands made by Mark. Go to his blog HERE and read all about the SWAP for Artist Trading Card-Hands!
I hope to see yours!
Check back soon and I will post my hands here.

Inspire and Create,

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

TEA and ME

In July, I had the really good fortune of having my Aroma-Tea Bags published in the recent issue of Somerset Studio Magazine July/August 2018.
  And if that wasn't enough of a good fortune, they were also chosen for the cover. I was over the moon thrilled. This past week, they were returned to me and as promised, I listed them in my Etsy shop. I call them Aroma-Tea bags because they are each filled with organic herbs and dried flowers, something of a love I inherited from my grandmother.

 They make the most wonderful, little artful bowls and baskets of inspiration,leaving a calming, sweet fragrance where ever they land.
 I also  made a TEA BOX CADDY for storage of your tea bags and if you don't actually drink tea, it would make a wonderful box for brushes, pens and art supplies.It is also listed in  my Shop.

 I only have a small amount left in my shop and for those that purchase the special price pack of 5 or 8, I am also sending a bag of extra scented herbs and flowers along with them. The season is about over for the flowers and I love to share these before their scents begin to fade, at which time I will start all over again next year. Tea Bags are the most resilient little things and there is so much you can do with them even after you have enjoyed their fruits!

Enjoy some tea today .... and tomorrow create some arty tea bag adventures! 

Happy Creating,

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Today is World Elephant day so I wanted to post some news about these beloved gentle giants and how fortunate we are that they still roam our earth. Put an Elephant in your heart today.


Myanmar’s wild-captured elephants exhibited median lifespan three to seven years shorter than that of captive-born creatures
Today, one third of the world’s Asian elephants—numbering roughly 15,000—live in captivity. Some are housed in zoos or research facilities, while others are held by private owners. The largest population of these creatures, however, exists in Myanmar, where roughly 5,000 elephants form the backbone of the country’s timber logging industry.
Myanmar’s captive-born and wild-captured timber elephants live side-by-side, working by day and scavenging for food by night. Both are tamed and trained prior to entering the workforce, and both are subject to government regulations regarding workload and rest periods—including holidays, maternity leave and a mandatory retirement age. Still, a new study published in Nature Communications suggests that the two groups face vastly different risks, with wild-captured elephants exhibiting higher mortality rates than those bred in captivity.
I adopted TARRA from the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, providing Sanctuary for more than 20 years.
I have a link on my blog at the top that says:
 "buy me a watermelon"  ~That is Tarra's and many of
the elephant's favor treats. All funds go directly to the 
Sanctuary to help provide food and care for all the elephants
 that the staff there are so dedicated too.

Love an Elephant today!