Wednesday, August 15, 2018

TEA and ME

In July, I had the really good fortune of having my Aroma-Tea Bags published in the recent issue of Somerset Studio Magazine July/August 2018.
  And if that wasn't enough of a good fortune, they were also chosen for the cover. I was over the moon thrilled. This past week, they were returned to me and as promised, I listed them in my Etsy shop. I call them Aroma-Tea bags because they are each filled with organic herbs and dried flowers, something of a love I inherited from my grandmother.

 They make the most wonderful, little artful bowls and baskets of inspiration,leaving a calming, sweet fragrance where ever they land.
 I also  made a TEA BOX CADDY for storage of your tea bags and if you don't actually drink tea, it would make a wonderful box for brushes, pens and art supplies.It is also listed in  my Shop.

 I only have a small amount left in my shop and for those that purchase the special price pack of 5 or 8, I am also sending a bag of extra scented herbs and flowers along with them. The season is about over for the flowers and I love to share these before their scents begin to fade, at which time I will start all over again next year. Tea Bags are the most resilient little things and there is so much you can do with them even after you have enjoyed their fruits!

Enjoy some tea today .... and tomorrow create some arty tea bag adventures! 

Happy Creating,


  1. WoW! These are gorgeous tea bags displayed beautifully. Congrats on being published.

  2. I absolutely LOVE what you have accomplished with your used tea bags. The machine stitching adds so much to these. Congratulations on not just being published, but making the cover! Lucky you!

  3. Dear Kim,
    your little treasures are just magnificent and so very well deserved to be on the cover! And Somerset did a beautiful job with the photos as well!
    Congratulations to you and I continue to be one of your biggest fans!
    Jackie xx


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