Saturday, September 29, 2018


After making quite a few of the ATC Artist Trading Coins, I quickly realized that I needed a place to put them.
I am all about recycling materials so my little cardboard mushroom box worked perfect but was not near as cute or user friendly as the Artist Trading Coin holder that Retro Cafe Art Gallery has in their shop.

By user friendly, I mean this little box can be used in a  several different ways and the possibilities of decorating it are endless.
It is a simple little box that fits the 2.5" coins perfectly and has little cut outs to easily put them in and take them out.
One you add a little glue and assemble the box, you can see the possibilities of adding more. They can be set non-attached side by side or you can glue the sides together horizontally by making one long bin or you stack them vertically like a tall self and keep adding as necessary until you get the height you like or need and the you can always add another column or two and eventually you could even have your own ATC Mail box slots, (also great for other supplies). So needless to say, this little box packs a big punch.
  After my boxes were assembled and glued, I gave the shelf which was now one piece a light coat of gesso and let dry. Then I painted it all blue with acrylic paint.
To the sides I added a stamp by Finnabair that says:
"Don't Forget to Fly". You don't want to add anything to the sides unless it is flat like a stamp or paint just incase you want to add more rows to the side of the boxes.
 A couple  months ago, I ordered some of the Art Pops (stickers) from Roben-Marie Smith and with a little cut of the circle it fit perfectly inside the shelf, although you could easily do this with any scrap paper you have available. I just happen to have these on hand.

I finished off the edges with some color simply using  my fingers and then adding a little gold trim.
 I decided to stack my boxes vertically. However, if you don't add a topper like I did, you can actually use them either way, but today I decided to add a couple of my Artist Trading Coins to the front and to the back side. If you add a topper and then decide to add more stacks, you can add them on either side of your first shelf making that one in the middle. See what I mean? Endless possibilities.

If you trade Artist Trading Cards, they will fit great in these little boxes/slots as well. One box will hold 25-30 coins depending on your thickness. All this to say, I think you will love these ATC Holders, they are great for storing your coins, ATC cards,and other art supplies as well. You will definitely want to order more than one box!

                                          My square Moo Business Cards
                       fit perfectly in these slots!
Happy Creating!

Acrylic Paint
Finnabair/Wood Mounted Stamp


  1. superb a big fan of your work <3

    1. Thank you so much Suman! Your lovely work always catches my eye!! Thank you for stopping by!
      Happy Creating!

  2. Oh my gosh that is crazy awesome����❤️����Love live love❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Robin!! I am going to expand it to more boxes and also add my business cards and the business cards of those I love!
      Happy Creating!!

  3. So outstanding!!! A wonderful creation for holding your smaller creations! LOVE!!! XOXO

  4. Absolutely fabulous Kim! I truly love how this turned out- those colors are just delicious and the stacking idea-genius! Well done!
    Jackie xx

  5. Love love love this project. Love your "stuff". :)


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