Wednesday, November 7, 2018


If you have been swept away with the Artist Trading Coin craze, then you might love this idea of using artist trading coins to make some awesome bookmarks! Great for any book lover, easy to personalize and very sturdy and durable.

I started with the trading coins from Joggles  Laser cut from Strathmore's 140# cold pressed watercolor paper, and  Watercolor Artist Trading Coins will hold up to most any wet media. The package contains 40 of the 2 1/2" Watercolor Artist Trading Coins. You will need two per bookmark.

I started mine with stamping the front of my coins with the Woodland Fairy stamps by Kristen Petersen. Then I added a variety of stamps on the back side. Once all the coins were stamped back and front, I colored them with the Graphix Aqua Watercolor pens by Marabu. I am totally in love with these watercolor pens/brushes. They are a dual pen with a brush on one end and a contour pen on the other for more detail. They show off with intense color and it doesn't take much to spread with a watercolor brush.

Once all my coins were completed. I found I already had in my sewing supplies some 2 inch wide gro-grain ribbon. You can find these spools in all colors at Hobby Lobby and they are really cheap with the 40% discount.
I cut two ribbons the same length and frayed the ends. Next I put the ribbons back to back and sandwiched them between two of the trading coins. Next I just sewed around the entire circle, trimmed my thread and that's how easy it was to make these bookmarks. If you use the ribbon right from the spool, you won't have a problem with wrinkles. My ribbon was left over scraps and not on a spool, but the wrinkles with this ribbon are easy to press out when done.
 I was very impressed how easy it was to sew through the double thickness of the watercolor paper and how sturdy the bookmarks are. I especially love the pop of colors that the Graphix Aqua Watercolor Pens delivered and I will be making more of these for the book lovers in my family!

 Supplies Used
Watercolor trading coins
Marabu Graphix Aqua Watercolor Pens-Set of 24 -50% OFF
Your Favorite Stamps
2" Gro-Grain Ribbon
Sewing machine

Happy Creating! 


  1. I love these colorful book arks that you made. Beautiful faces that you have put on them.

  2. Fabulous Kim! I absolutely love the idea of bookmarks from the coins! I know a few friends who should like these in their Christmas cards!
    Huge hugs,Jackie xx


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