Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Today I wanted to share with you how much fun I had working in the small disc bound journal by Joggles using the Graphix Aqual Watercolor Pens by Marabu. The journal pages are fine watercolor pages that are easy to pop in and out of the journal and make placing your pages and working on them flat, a snap.

This journal is 3"x5" and I loved the size of it. The birds I used are from Joggles Art Parts, already cut for you in the same quality watercolor paper. This little journal was brought to life by Graphix Aqua Watercolor pens and Fineliner Pens by Marabu. These pens deliver intense color and are easy to use. I have used them on several projects now and the pen and brush tips are still amazing and the color is still delivering. 
  The first thing I did was to cut the small tabs on the birds and remove them all from the page they come on. Next I drew their faces and body designs right on the birds using a black PITT pen. On some of the birds, I used small rubber stamps.
Once all my birds were designed I used the Aqua Watercolor Brush Pen and a water brush and colored in my birds. I then set them aside to work on the background of all my pages.
 It doesn't really take a lot of the watercolor when working on a page, if you use a water brush, you can spread around and blend the colors with ease.  
 Once my background pages were completed and dry, I went back and added a stamp to some, wording and doodles. On each adjacent page, I then glued on a bird using matte medium and added words and other doodling on the page.
I was extremely pleased with the bright colors packed in the little Bird Journal.
                             Back and front of Journal

 If you haven't had a chance to try these products or just need to refresh your supplies, a little bird told me that all Marabu Products are on Sale NOW saving you 50% at Joggles.
Happy Creating!

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  1. Oh Kim! these birdies are delightful!
    And your journal is just so colorful and whimsical! When I read about how you put it together I look back at the pictures in amazement as I think, how does that artist brain do this- you make this all look so easy! when I sit to do a page or spread, I take so long even wondering where to begin!heehee
    Gorgeous journal and yea, I am glad you turned me on to those markers! I am having some great color play with them!


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