Tuesday, November 20, 2018



When I found myself in need of a label, I grabbed one of the Joggles Art Parts I had in my supplies. The 6" circles made from 140lb. cold press watercolor paper fit my needs perfectly. I added some Woodland Fairy stamps by Kristin Peterson and used some of the Graphix Aqua Watercolors Pens by Marabu.  I loved how well it turned out so I made a few more and ended up with this cute set of package labels. Who doesn't love receiving a Happy Package!


Speaking of Happy Mail, I was recently included in a group of some very creative sweet souls to trade some Artist Trading Coins and to make some Happy Envelopes for them to travel in. I'm beyond thrilled to have these coins in my collection from artists that I admire. There is also a good artsy possibility that these envelopes will end up being a little mini journal. For more inspiration, be sure to click on their name.
                                           Created by Linda Edkins Wyatt
                                              Created by Jill McDowell
                                               Created by Astrid Maclean
                                             Created by Jackie P.Neal

I'm so Thankful for these creationships, family, friends and pumpkin pie!
Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to 
Create and Inspire!


  1. I just love your unique tags and your happy mail from your friends.

  2. I love your art, I love our trading coin swap and I love you!
    I too am grateful, for having found and met you!
    huge hugs Kim!
    Jackie xx


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