Sunday, June 2, 2019

Art is definitely not for Sissies. It takes a fair amount of bravery and courage to put your heart and soul on display. Over the years I have found that it's purely a matter of priorities. . . mainly, learning how to put your happiness first, doing something that makes you happy without the fear or worry of what anyone else may think about it.
Some people will love it and some people won't, but if YOU love it, that is your success and all that really matters. 
Today, I did something that I love and I'm pretty stoked about it. It makes me really happy to re-purpose my wooden artist paint palettes. Yes, the ones that I leave and let paint dry on them with out cleaning them up after I do fairly large paintings. They make beautiful wall art/ hangings and perfect studio art. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.
I have a few listed in my Etsy shop and some hanging in my own studio. Now after each large painting I do, I will be posting one of these artist paint palettes in my shop. I also leave a personal message on the back side.

Now if I could just figure out something wonderful for all the brushes I ruin!

Follow your heart and do something everyday that makes YOU happy!


Sunday, March 31, 2019


I've had the best time lately playing with the new  Finnabair Prima Moulds from Retro Cafe Art Gallery.  For my first project with them, I decided to use them on one of the large Santos dolls from Retro. The Santos dolls are always one of my favorite go to projects.

For this particular project, I created on each piece before putting the doll together. I do like to Gesso the pieces first just to give it a good base to grab paint and paper and to give the pieces a white base. Once all the pieces were dry, I began by cutting strips of tissue paper from the Finnabair Tissue Paper - Flutter, and adhering them to the slats of the cage using matt gel medium.

I continued to add pieces of tissue on the front arms, body and the bottom of the cage. After all the tissue was added, I used acrylic paint and blended colors that would go with the tissue paper, not necessarily using the same color on all the pieces. I just randomly added color here and there. 

While paint was drying, it was time to paint the pieces that I made from the  the Finnabair Prima Moulds, large clock, bees and wings. Once dry, I glued the large clock piece to the front of the body using tacky glue.
Next, I added the arms to the body with the use of the brads. You must do this first before adding the wings.

 I love that the wings fit perfectly around the shoulders of the Santos but I was afraid they would not be secure enough just glued to the shoulders so I also added a wooden tongue depressor to the back that extended beyond the shoulders and that gave me an added base on which to glue the wings.

On the front of the body, I added one of the adhesive photos from Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Booth Strips just above the clock. Perhaps a memory of a beloved BeeKeeper.

The face is one of the Frida Kahlo faces from Retro, (I altered it a tad) and glued it on the head of the body. Then I added one of the bees from the Finnabair Prima Moulds to her hair.
Now that the upper part of the doll was complete, it was time to assemble the cage with the slats. This was easy to do using tacky glue and letting the cage completely dry before trying to fit the upper body into the slot to attach both pieces together.
Once both pieces were attached, I added a cut out clock behind her head that I found in my stash of stuff.

I used alpha rubber stamps to add the words on front: HONOR THY BEEKEEPER.
On the back side with a black pen I wrote: 
"Their feet are dusted with Spices from a million little flowers" and stamped a dragonfly from Finnabair Cling Mount Stamp Set, Dare to Dream.

I really love the way she turned out and discovering the versatility of the Finnabair Prima Moulds. I have a feeling I will be using them in a lot of future projects, not to mention you can also use them for chocolate and candy moulds. I think a chocolate clock sounds good about now!

All good things,

Finnabair Prima Clock Mould
Acrylic Paint
Tacky Glue
Wood Tongue Depressor
Alpha Rubber Stamps
Stazon Ink

Friday, March 22, 2019


I am Kim Collister and I am happy to be here today to share with you my art cards and journal pages I created using stencils from StencilGirl® and Cyanotype prints.
You first start with purchasing some cyanotype paper. Use as directed and instead of foilage, place a stencil on the paper and then layer a piece of glass on top (from an old photo frame will work). This keeps the stencil from moving and will give you a perfect print. Longer and shorter development times will give you a variety of shades from light to dark to experiment with. Tip: don't be afraid to cut your stencils. I cut the edges off of mine so I would not have the frame around them.

For this project, I couldn't resist using the face stencils by Pam Carriker. Once you get the prints made you want to use, copy them on copy paper which is thinner and easier to use for collage work. Next, I found some jumbo art cards to use as the base of my project. I prepared them with some clear gesso and added a bit of color to start with using gelatos. 

Then just begin tearing your prints and adding the faces to the cards. I also made cyanotype prints of other StencilGirl® stencils that would add to my background like the Travel Note Mini and Quatrefoil 6 that I placed on top of each other for an instant layered effect. 
Tear and add prints and other embellishments until you have a look that you are happy with. You can see on some of the cards that I also added some of my cyanotype foliage prints, they make a great mix with the stencil prints.
Finish details with acrylic paint, oil pastels, stamped and written words, and pencil markings.
Love Face Stencil
Love Face Stencil (this one looks different than the one above because I flipped the stencil over).
On this one, I made two different exposures of the same face and cut them in half

 Here are some examples of the faces I created for a journal page by cutting the edges from the face stencils using the Truth Face and Honor Face on the cyanotype paper. Then I added parts of the Scribbles Dots Dash Stencil.

This one I used the Laugh Face cutting off the frame and using different exposure times. You could leave it like it is, but I don't think I can do it.  Laugh Face 

 Another Journal Page below using the Create Face Stencil, Tell Your Story  , Scribbles Dots Dash , and the Travel Mini Note Stencil.

I hope you will check out my post and the ton of inspiration over at StencilGirl® .Grab some of their awesome stencils while you are there and discover for yourself the endless possibilities of playing with stencils and cyanotype prints.

 Kim Collister is a mixed media artist, living life large in Central Arkansas with her crazy big family of creatives. You can connect with her on FB, IG and her website:

Monday, March 11, 2019


Did you know that Retro Cafe Art Gallery has ATC Cottage House Kits designed to hold all your Artist Trading Cards? They not only hold ATC cards, but business cards, art supplies and more. Today I am showing you one that I created to hold your favorite tea bags. This would make such a sweet gift. Who wouldn't love to have or receive a Tea Caddy Cottage filled with their favorite tea? And it's very easy to personalize them as well. Retro has the kit and everything you need to create your own cottage, maybe even your own Art Studio with your cards or art supplies inside. 

For this cottage, I simply glued it altogether with white glue following the directions with the kit. Then I gave it a light coat after the glue was dry, of white Gesso.
 Once the Gesso was dry, I painted the entire cottage Umber Brown. It was just like putting on a coat of Hershey's chocolate. Once dry, I added my papers to the cottage using Mod Podge matte medium, great for glue and sealing.

 While the cottage was drying I added papers to the roof, on top and underneath. I love adding collage to all the hiding places for a nice discovery. Inside, I also added a few papers to the walls.

After all my papers were added, I finished up with details, like adding a little washed brown umber and gold acrylic paint to the edges.
 Here I used some Victorian Die Cuts I had in my stash and the paper on the roof is from Retro Cafe. I love that you can get this paper with adhesive backing.

                   The platform base (above) is optional. The Cottage can stand alone and looks amazing with additional cottages all lined in a row.

             What kind of cottage will you create?


Acrylic Paint - Burnt Umber
Gold Paint
White glue
Artist Papers:
Victorian Bunny Stickers
Victorian Bunny Die Cut

Monday, February 18, 2019


              "If you are going to make a Spark, Build a Bonfire!"
                         MISFIT FAIRIES by Kim Collister
I ordered some of the articulated paint brush art dolls from Retro Cafe Art Gallery intending to get them done for Valentines Day, but too many things got in the way so I thought it would fun to do something a little different with them now that Valentine's Day has come and gone. I personally love and appreciate different, so "Misfit Fairies" totally fit the bill for these articulated art doll brushes. 
You can find the kits here and as you can see there is no limit as to what you can do with them.

Preparing them is as simple as a layer of white Gesso on all pieces and allowing it to dry. While you are waiting, gather the paper and other items you wish to use on your doll and paint the brush handle if desired. For the most part, prepare the doll pieces with paint and paper before assembling together, leaving the face for last, to keep it free from paint and messy fingers, if you are messy like me. The faces I used are also from Retro Cafe and I just gave them a little makeover. 
  Papers used on MISFT FAIRY "FLY", Crowabout Studio, Retro Cafe Art Gallery, Teesha Moore and various papers from my stash.
 Papers used on  MISFIT FAIRY (Happy to Be Me) from Rae Missigman and Andrea Matus Demeng, Teesha Moore, and various other paper from my personal stash.
 Papers used on MISFTI FAIRY (Dream Big) is from Crowabout Studio, Teesha Moore, and various scraps from my personal stash.
             Papers used on MISFIT FAIRY (Muse) are from Crowabout Studo, Teesha Moore, Andrea Matus Demeng and other
various papers from my personal stash.                          
All faces used are from Retro Cafe Art Gallery (Supply links below)

I also like to use the stiff paper packaging that comes with them to glue the faces on which gives them more stability before gluing the face to the body.

Caution: keep the arm and shoulder holes free from Gesso and paint so the brads will fit through the hole when assembling the arms.

After assembling the body and the wings to the back of the doll, glue the body of the doll to the brush using a white glue. Let dry.
 On the back side of MISFIT FAIRY (Dream Big) there is a quote on her wings that says: "After all in Private, We are all Misfits" by Lily Tomlin.
 The Wings of MISFIT FAIRY (Fly) says: "If you are going to create a Spark, Build a Bonfire"
The Wings of MISFIT FAIRY (Muse) says: "Be the Square Peg in the Round Hole."
MISFIT FAIRY (Happy to Be Me) has wording on the back of her wings that says: "The Ones Who Do It Anyway".

Lastly finish up any details you want to add, like wording, extra paint details or embellishments. Use the hole in the paint brush to hang them or attach a magnet to the back, which I plan to do and put them on your fridge or an inspiration board.
 Use Acrylic paints, Washi Tape, Paper scraps, Paper Cuts, and Words to finish off the bottom of your paint brush.
I also like to decorate the back of mine, just because, but you certainly don't have too, if you are adding magnets or hanging them.
Keep in mind, your articulated art doll does not have to be what you see when you order her, she can be whatever you imagine her to be. Below is a popular quote and one uplifts me everytime I read it:
 "Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."
Steve Jobs
I hope you enjoyed my little Misfit Fairies and if you decide to join the fun and make your own, just remember, embrace all the  imperfections, embrace your uniqueness, the only limits to this art doll is your imagination. 
All Dolls above are 11" tall except the second one which is 9" tall.
                                        Happy Creating!

Supplies Used
Acrylic Paint
White Gesso
Kraft Glue
Glue stick and Matt Medium