Sunday, January 27, 2019


My Dream to Grow Journal was recently published in the latest issue of Art Journaling Magazine. All 42 mixed media art pages are shades of blue and white with the theme of using Cyanotype prints, stencils, stamps and natural foliage. The pages in this journal took me on an amazing journey and new discoveries. 

I am not a fan of endings, so my hope for this journal is that by the end of the journal, (back cover) it will inspire new beginnings. 
Keep expanding your horizons and dreaming... it's how we Grow.
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  1. What a fabulous journal Kim! How ever did you keep from adding more color?!! This would absolutely be a challenge for me!but one I might have to try!
    Are your foilage prints done with the real things,pressed in paint? I love the look!
    Also, did you actually add your "She" stencils or are they photo copies? It looks s though you used the stencils!
    Well done,my creatively brilliant friend! Congratulations on again a new published piece and article- soon they will have a Kim Collister edition! LOL

    1. Jackie! You are such a shiny star in my universe! This journal was TOTALLY out of my comfort zone! I see Lynne Moncrieff's artwork and other artist who mainly use neutrals, browns,beige,black and gray and I drool over everyone of them, but I always wonder how do they do it? I really didn't think I was capable of it and it was certainly a challenge but I really did enjoy making the journal. The content is what kept me engaged. I love using Cyanotype prints, which is what I used for the stencils, actual stencils. The foilage was some cyanotype printing, some foilage with paint and some of it was the actual pressed foilage painted with acrylic paint. It was really fun, but I do loooove my color and that will always be my happy place!
      Thank you so much for giving my blog so much love today!
      Much love back to you!


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