Thursday, February 7, 2019


Yes, I did from the ground up and I got my cottage supplies from Retro Cafe Art Gallery if you want to build one too. Seriously, these are the cutest little houses and so versatile. Each time, I make one I find another sweet use for it.
The design for this house took a huge turn around in direction and it all happened with I was digging through my supplies and found this cute little wood piece I rescued from an old clock. It resembles a steeple that a little country church might have or an architectural design on an old house. At any rate, that was going on the roof of my cottage. With the change of design, I also found in my stash this little arch windows that did not come with the house kit, but did come from Retro. The steeple and the arch windows threw my previous design right out the window, but how could not use them! 
A great thing about these little houses is that you can really go to town creating with them or you can leave them simple. You don't have to know a lot of techniques or have a lot of supplies,either way, they are crazy cute and you can't go wrong with them!

Add some Tim Holtz Vintage Paper Doll Cut Outs and a mini bird nest with dried flowers and herbs and the adorable meter just keeps growing.

This is my third cottage to make, (you can see the other two in different posts) and I have tried different approaches in assembling them. The last two I made, I applied gesso to all the pieces, let dry and then assembled them. This time, I assembled all the pieces without applying anything first. Once the glue was dry and the house felt sturdy, I then applied my gesso. For me, it was easier to assemble the house first and gesso second. One reason being is that you have to be very careful with the gesso and or paint. If some of it dries in the slots you need to assemble, then you are in for some extra work. Applying gesso after also seems to really seal the cracks of the house, making it extra sturdy.

Over the gesso, I painted acrylic paint, a mixture of white and beige over the entire house and fence. Then I applied the same a second time. Because I work fast and I am messy, I took a sanding sponge and lightly sanded the house to make it really smooth.

Next, I painted the entire roof brown along with the windows.
While that was drying, I began selecting my paper, tearing pieces from copies of my older artwork and adding other bits from my paper stash. I really liked it plain on front and back with the brown and white contrast, but the color muse in me would not leave it alone so I added some color to the bottom of windows.

You definitely don't have to add paper or paint inside but for me, it's hard to leave blank spaces and yes, I even create under the roof, and on the bottom of the house.

So now that the house is finished, it is perfect for adding ATC cards, ATC Coins, (both fit in the house and the fenced area perfectly).

Remove the roof and you can add pens, brushes, markers, washi tape etc. However, if you are low on supplies and your house is empty, you an always put a little battery operated candle inside, display it in your happy place, pour yourself some tea and think about how you are going to design your second house,because trust me, you will want to make more than one.

In the shop now you can find the stand alone houses without the fenced areas.. I am thinking personalized houses and a village of my favorite places..... see you there!

 White Tacky Glue
Acrylic Paint
Artist papers
Found Vintage Pieces
Battery Operated Candle


  1. KIM!
    This is amazing, just like your other two!
    And I so want to sit and play art with you and watch you paint,scrap,sand,fast fast fast! It would be watching a genius at work! I really love that you leave no space unadorned-you go girl!
    hugs,Jackie xoxo

  2. Jackie is so right! Another AMAZING Cottage! And so many precious details! Love it! xoxo


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