Privacy Policy ~ GDPR/Compliant

Thank you for visiting my blog; a place I love to share with my fellow creatives and artists.

On May 25, 2018 GDPR/new policies began worldwide. I am in alignment with the new privacy agreements that help to protect us all.  I will never share any of your info. Your privacy is very important to me!

A reminder for us all, when we comment on posts our info can be seen by any visitors, if you wish to delete any comments you have left here at any time feel free through your blogger settings.

Also, you can Unsubscribe if you do not wish to receive my updates, check your subscription settings to do so. You may also Unfollow on the follow gadget. Likewise you can continue to Follow/Remain Subscribed if you wish.

Make sure you also update your privacy settings so you feel comfortable with your online experiences and have more control of what info you may or may not wish to share/ be seen.

When we visit any site there are small bits of stored log files that are created. Some sites may also have cookies. There may be a cookie message when visiting to comply with GDPR. This does not give me access to any of your personal information.  I value all followers/subscribers and their privacy. You can check your own browser settings to understand more about cookies.

I am not responsible for any of my site-content that has been reblogged/republished elsewhere without my permissions. I do not share with third parties.

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